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Being the best of the best

The Awards categories reflect strategic marketing objectives that are common to all organisations. Your submissions will be judged against the marketing achievements of all types of business – rather than just those of direct competitors in your industry sector.

Entrants should provide independent and robust data that supports the claims made. The judges will give more weight to quantitative data and comparable trend data over time. Key measures which should ideally be included are sales, profit, market share and customer attitudes.

Open the sections below to find out more about what's required under each category. Back to categories.

The judges will make a special award to the best entry from outside the UK. You cannot enter this category directly yourself. When you submit an entry into any of the other eligible categories you are automatically entered for consideration into this category as well (if your entry is non-UK based).

Winner 2017: HCL Technologies, India

This category cannot be entered directly. The judges will recommend a short list of papers to be assessed by a panel of finance directors, who will choose the winning paper they think best demonstrates effective use of marketing expenditure.

Winner 2017: John Lewis


This category cannot be entered directly. Having reviewed all the entries, the judges will award a special prize to the brand they consider has been bravest.

In line with the Society’s “brave” agenda, we are looking for brands which have taken risks and succeeded against the odds.

This may be a challenger brand – a “David” that has taken on “Goliath” or a Goliath that has been dramatically reinvented.

This brand may have created or encouraged positive social change as well as pursuing its commercial objectives.

This brand will certainly have moved outside its comfort zone.

The winner of this award will go forward for a new global “Bravest Brand” award being developed with our Marketing Society global hubs.

Winner 2017: ITV, The National Lottery, British Olympic Association, UK Sport (Leading-Edge Thinking category 2017)


This category cannot be entered directly. Having reviewed all the category winners, the judges will award the Grand Prix to the paper which best demonstrates marketing excellence to the UK business community in 2018.

Winner 2017: #JoinTheHerd